Meet Lynz Piper-Loomis

No, I am not a professional politician, lawyer, bureaucrat, or paid lobbyist. I am an American activist in Action.
The State of South Carolina is one of the most incredible places to live, work, and raise a family. I love my state and my country and refuse to sit back and watch it go up in flames. 

Make no mistake, the establishment has its eyes set on everything about the conservative way of life. They’re targeting our safety, security, and the minds of our children. I’m determined to stand in their way (along with my growing team of patriots, including moms, dads, former law enforcement and more!).

I am dedicated to keeping South Carolina and America the unique places you know as home. This is my mission, and I’m all in.

The journey that ultimately led to my run for US Congress in 2022 is far from over. In fact, my growing team and I are just getting started in our efforts to save America and save South Carolina. From the border crisis to the grooming and trafficking crisis, to the poison of gender idealogy and CRT in our schools, to the abortion genocide, we have our work cut out for us in the coming months. I hope you’ll join us along the way— because friend, now is the time to fight.

My Life History


An Encounter that Changed My Life


A key event in my life occurred 27 years ago at the age of twelve, September 19, 1994. I call it “my alive day.”  My mother and I were returning from a 4H meeting and our car was hit by another car directly on the driver’s side, killing my mother and me instantly. But God saved my life and brought me back.

I was trafficked through Child Protective Services at 13, was sexually assaulted and enslaved for three and a half years, and escaped to freedom at 16 and a half years old. 

At the age of 25, I needed to make a decision about the burden, pain, and agony I was carrying from the loss of my mom and other life events. The only person affected was me, and I was the only person who could do something about it. People are responsible for their own hearts, and I am responsible for my heart. I had to ask myself, “Do I want to walk around as a victim or do I want to overcome?“

God taught me to answer the question, “What do you want to do with your circumstances? Are you going to allow them to define you?” It was then that I realized I could move forward to the plan God had for my life. I am happy to say, that plan included my husband of almost 17 years.

Now it is time for me to give back to America for all it has given me. I am ready to serve the great people of this state and this nation.
Lynz visited Charleston at 13 years of age and fell deeply in love with the city and the great state of South Carolina. When asked where her desired destination in the world would be, she would always confidently answer Charleston, South Carolina.  Finally, her dream came true 6 years ago. Lynz carries the heart of the Palmetto State with her no matter where she is.

In recent years, Lynz has worked as a visionary servant who provides strategic insights to empower others to achieve their goals. She believes that every person has a purpose to infuse into this world.

She has traveled domestically and internationally to work with individuals and heads of state in government to provide solutions for civility and sovereignty of the people. 

​Lynz has been married to Retired Master Sergeant, Jeremy Loomis for nearly 17 years.  They have two daughters. Being an active-duty military wife and caregiver to a combat veteran inspired Lynz to advocate for veterans and caregivers.

3236 Landmark Drive, Ste 122,
North Charleston, SC 29418

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