Note From Lynz

Looking Back at my Journey...

It’s funny how we end up where we are. In my case, my campaign for Congress was years in the making, looking back. Because each chapter of my life has brought more growth and development in ways only God could have planned.

In June of 2018 I received an International Doctorate of Humanities from United Graduate College and Seminary International in recognition of my 16 years of work with veterans and my humanitarian efforts.


I received the honorary Doctorate at Kayiwa University in Kampala, Uganda. This was an experience I’ll treasure forever.


I was a South Carolina Elizabeth Doll Fellow from 2018-2020. 

I also served as the National Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation Director for South Carolina.

I also participated in the I Change Nations Statesmen Program. Which changed my life forever. I want to thank Clyde Rivers especially from I Change Nations for his incredible help - I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am without that experience. 

To all those who I’ve met on this journey, who have supported me along the way, and who are supporting me now: from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Now let’s go Save America!

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