The Education Revival

Education is a top priority for families in South Carolina, District 1. Like many of the institutions of government, it appears that the trend in our government-operated education system is moving away from academic excellence.

Then too, the voices of parents are being diminished in favor of the voices of the left, teacher unions, and the Department of Education. We have all witnessed school board meetings where parents confront local leaders only to be belittled and shut down.

America’s education system is vital to the strength of our country, and as your Congresswoman, I will defend the right of every parent to choose the education they believe is best for their child. Furthermore, I am opposed to school boards adopting social experimentation in our schools. This includes Critical Race Theory and gender manipulation programs.

Like you, I believe our children need to be educated in math, reading, science, history, literature, and yes, civics, i.e., American government. Subject mastery should be a priority so that the next generation of Americans can compete globally. There is no excuse for our schools to rank with third-world countries.

Education is a matter of national security, and the experienced a child gets throughout their education shapes their lives forever. It’s time for an education revival.
School choice will be a top priority for me as I represent the individuals and families of South Carolina. Parents should be able to choose the school they want for their children, a school that fits their family objectives, faith, and values. If they prefer the public schools that’s their choice.

Finally, I believe it’s time for fully funded parental choice in schools. This means parents can use their education dollars in any school they prefer, public, charter, private, or parochial. The money should follow the student. I will fight for a funded school choice initiative as a matter of law.

Please consider joining my campaign.

God bless  you,

Lynz Piper Loomis
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