Transgender Athletes Banned from UK Cycling Events

  • by:
  • Source: Breitbart
  • 04/08/2022
British Cycling, the national governing body which oversees cycling events in the UK, has banned males identifying as women from women’s cycling events.

British Cycling announced the suspension of its Transgender and Non-binary Participation Policy on Friday, citing the need to reconcile its code with that of the international cycling governing body (UCI), the New York Post reports.

British Cycling’s previous policy had required males identifying as females to demonstrate testosterone levels below a certain level for one year. However, despite claiming that he satisfied that requirement, British trans cyclist Emily Bridges was banned from an upcoming event.

Authorities with British Cycling claim UCI informed them that Bridges would not be able to ride in the event because he was still registered to compete as a male in international competitions.
gray and black road bike by Alessio Soggetti is licensed under Unsplash

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