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What Lynz Piper-Loomis Believes about the Issues

Throughout our history, America has faced moments of trial and hardship, yet we have always prevailed. Today, like never before the tests we face are threatening the very foundations of the nation. We are abandoning our values, law and order, and even the constitution as the centerpiece for the nation.  Lynz Piper-Loomis wants you to know what she believes. She places the highest esteem on our Judeo-Christian values and yes, her values and conscience will guide her decisions as she represents South Carolina citizens in the US House of Representatives.

Policy Positions – Lynz Piper Loomis


On November 3rd, the criminal election was stolen from President Trump. More importantly, the votes & voices of the American people were criminally stolen. On January 6th, the election was criminally certified. I am in full support of a forensic audit in all 50 states. I am currently working with South Carolina Audit Force to hold accountable our state leaders and provide them with credible evidence that a forensic audit is necessary in the state of South Carolina. Without trust in the integrity of our elections, the nation will remain divided. Our Republic depends on the belief that every true citizen vote must count. The doubts and apprehensions about our state and national elections are an evil divide that we must work diligently to eliminate. Citizens of all political persuasions tell me they believe elections and voter rolls should be audited.

Defense of Life

All of life is sacred and worthy of our protection. I am a pro-life candidate who believes we must defend life from conception to natural death. Roe v. Wade has cheapened the values we once placed on life. I will defend life for all people, including the unborn.

Military and Veteran Commitments

I believe in putting our country and citizens first. Amongst those people are our Veterans. Heroes like my husband don’t just need, but deserve the best quality of care. Being his caregiver for over a decade, I know the importance of helping our Veterans, military, and their families. As an Elizabeth Dole Fellow, I have seen the need to implement programs that support & encourage children of wounded warriors and improve the the relationships between the caregiver, the wounded warrior, and the VA.

Big Government

We have a bloated, intrusive government. It is true that the bigger the government the smaller the citizen. We need less government, closer to home, and more accountable to the will of the people. I would like to see us cut down on the size and scope of government by decentralizing it, and eliminating entire departments.

Spending and Deficits

We are watching government spend without accountability. Our national debt will soon exceed $30 trillion dollars. Politicians are no longer interested in being good stewards of our financial resources. I will insist on a reduction of the national debt and that every department of the government lives within its means.

Education and Parental Choice

I believe education is an issue of national strength and security, and one best made by parents, not the government. We have been observing the abuse of state-funded, monopolized education that shuts out parents. It’s my belief that the money paid in taxes should follow the student. I believe in parental choice in education.


The issues we face are not Republican or Democrat. We are in an American crisis and it’s time that we put America first. It is time for free and fair elections. It is time for a forensic audit so we know how the election was stolen, who stole the election so they can be criminally prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It’s time to hold accountable the leaders that allowed the innocent bloodshed of American’s overseas. It is time to secure our borders. It is time for the sanctity of our liberty to be restored. Our nation was founded on the US Constitution and our Christian values. I only bow before God, and my oath is to the US Constitution. I cannot separate my faith from my freedom. For without our faith, we have no freedom. It is time to Save America and put America First. God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.

Sovereignty Means a Secure Border

Legal immigration is a hallmark of America. Borders define our nation and when we open our borders we not only jeopardize the rule of law, we diminish the value of citizenship for Americans. Without secure borders, we have no national identity and sovereignty.

Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Our Second Amendment is under attack and the far-left extremists would prefer to disarm Americans. I believe the right to keep and bear arms is fundamental to the ongoing freedom we enjoy. It’s a right that “shall not be infringed.” I will defend it.

Endless Wars and Nation Building

We all watched the humiliation of America under Joe Biden’s retreat from an ill-advised, protracted war in Afghanistan. Using American life and treasure in endless wars that engage in nation-building is foolish. When we engage in conflict it should only be because we have a national security interest, a clear definition of victory and an exit strategy.

National Exceptionalism

America is an exceptional nation, with an exceptional founding and an exceptional track record of freedom, law and order, and social civility. Yes, I believe in American exceptionalism, a more perfect union from a nation that, which it is not without flaws, is the greatest nation in history.


With the arrival of the pandemic in 2020, we have seen local, state, and federal governments encroach upon and even control healthcare, weaponizing it, and using it to control businesses, jobs, and travel, freedom itself. Healthcare should be a matter between a patient and a physician and need a tool for tyranny.

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