Biden Approval Negative 14 Ahead of Coronavirus Speech

  • by:
  • Source: Breitbart
  • 12/21/2021
President Joe Biden’s approval rating is underwater by double digits ahead of his major speech on the coronavirus, where he is expected to lecture unvaccinated Americans, an NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll released this week found.

Overall, a majority, or 55 percent, said they disapprove of Biden’s job performance, compared to 41 percent approve. That represents a net approval of negative 14. 

While there is a typical partisan split, as the vast majority of Republicans (95 percent) disapprove of his job performance and a vast majority of Democrats (87 percent) approve, 66 percent of independents disapprove of Biden, compared to 29 percent who agree with the majority of Democrats. 

The results represent a four-point increase from the 51 percent who said they disapproved of his job performance just over a week ago, on December 9. The last time a majority of respondents approved of Biden’s job performance was in June, when 52 percent expressed support compared to 46 percent who disapproved, per the survey.

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