‘Is That Legit?’: Biden Claims LGBTQ Students Could Be Banned From Schools If Court Flips Roe

President Joe Biden said Wednesday that LGBTQ students might be banned from classrooms if the leaked draft opinion overturning the landmark abortion decision Roe v. Wade were allowed to stand.

Biden spoke about the issue in the wake of Monday’s unprecedented leak of the early opinion draft — which Chief Justice John Roberts confirmed was authentic — and argued that any right predicated on the implicit right to privacy would be next on the chopping block if that were the Court’s final decision.
Biden began by mentioning an earlier case, Griswold v. Connecticut, wherein the Court ruled that married couples, under that implicit right to privacy, could buy and use contraceptives without government intrusion.
Biden and Johnson talk gas by Just Click's With A Camera is licensed under flickr Public Domain Mark 1.0

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