Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Approval Ratings Soar After a Year of Battling the Washington D.C. Swamp

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is more popular than ever, showing the blueprint for stardom in the new America First GOP involves being combative against the corrupt establishments of both major parties.

A new campaign survey reported by Washington Secrets shows that 53 percent of voters in her new gerrymandered district of northwest Georgia would support her no matter who her opponent may be. 

“Anyone who thinks Marjorie Taylor Greene is vulnerable in a Republican primary is delusional and severely detached from reality,” said campaign pollster and consultant, Neighborhood Research and Media, in the memo.

Additionally, Greene is polling at 71 percent in head-to-head matchups against her likely opponents, Charles Lutin and Jennifer Strahan, two Never Trump Republicans with virtually no name recognition among the voters.

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