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On November 3rd, the criminal election was stolen from President Trump. More importantly, the votes & voices of the American people were criminally stolen.


The issues we face are not Republican or Democrat.

Defense of Life

All of life is sacred and worthy of our protection.

Sovereignty Means a Secure Border

Legal immigration is a hallmark of America.

Military and Veteran Commitments

I believe in putting our country and citizens first.

Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Our Second Amendment is under attack and the far-left extremists would prefer to disarm Americans.

Big Government

We have a bloated, intrusive government.

Endless Wars and Nation Building

We all watched the humiliation of America under Joe Biden’s retreat from an ill-advised, protracted war in Afghanistan.

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The NCAA drops the ball on protecting women's sports

The NCAA has altered its policy for transgender athletes, but the change does little and still does not address the central problem — the clear, demonstrable, and unfair advantage that men have over female athletes....


Federal Judge Blocks Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for Federal Workers

A federal judge in the state of Texas blocked the Biden administration’s coronavirus vaccine mandate for federal workers on Friday....


Psaki confronted on Biden's hot mic comment to reporter: He doesn't 'dismiss' deterring Putin

Biden called reporter's question about Putin 'stupid'...

Meet Lynz

While the life of Lynz Piper-Loomis has seen hardship and set-back, her story is one of overcoming obstacles including death itself. Her journey took her through childhood trauma and events that would cause most to give up. She adopted the belief that her reaction to life was to become a victor, not a victim. Now, she wants to bring her strength and vision of leadership to South Carolina. Her run for Congress is one of the unique chapters of her life and a transformative event for citizens of District 1

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Lynz Piper-Loomis is a strong constitutional Christian conservative leader who will fight for our America First Agenda. We need strong leaders like Lynz to go to Washington and stand in the gap on our behalf.

~ Michael Flynn

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